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You can find brand-new residential developments, stunning renovation projects and other architectural gems throughout the city centre. An example? Lamot, the former brewery, which was transformed into a magnificent convention and heritage centre is definitely a must-see.







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Wherever you are looking from, there’s no denying that St. Rumbold’s Tower dominates the city’s skyline. So gird your loins, because this giant is 97 metres tall! Fortunately, you can catch your breath as you make your way up the many steps, in the six tower chambers. Every chamber has its own function. The path to Mechelen’s rooftop is downright impressive. And where else in the world can you see two carillons in one tower? Once you’ve made it to the top, the breath-taking view from the skywalk is too amazing for words. In the distance you can see the Atomium in Brussels and on a clear day, you may even spot Antwerp’s Cathedral.

St. Romboldt's

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